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December 22, 2004
Ohio Valley Blizzard

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December 2004 - the Ohio Valley felt the impact of a severe winter storm.  Many areas received more than a foot of snow.  Roads were made impassable.  Interstates shut down.  Commerce came to a halt.  Paducah, Kentucky broke all of its snowfall records.  It was the heaviest snow I have ever witnessed in my home county.  It is estimated that this storm cost the nation more than $900,000,000 dollars.  Blizzard or near blizzard conditions were common over much of the Tri-State Region into Indiana and Ohio.  Some areas received more than THIRTY inches of snow.  It is one of the weather events that I will never forget.  I was certainly thankful to have been able to watch the event from start to finish.  I didn't even have to drive anywhere to experience the event!

The photographs on this page were taken in Massac County, Illinois and McCracken County, Kentucky.  I did not have to travel far for this event as these are my home counties.

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Ohio Valley Photos


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